Word on the Street

WORD ON THE STREET is a mapped archive of crowd-sourced photography created in the wake of COVID-19. By gathering photos of posters, graffiti and more created in response to the pandemic we aim to provide a small glimpse of what life has been like during this period of social and economic upheaval. Everything we map will serve as a free research tool for future historians. We are aware that just a couple of students can’t capture all of this moment. To help the archive grow and diversify, we invite you to submit your photos.

Submission Guide

FRAME: Context is key, to the archive. We anticipate that future researchers will be interested in seeing pandemic messages in situ. However, please frame the item clearly, so we can see what it’s made from and the movement it pertains to. 


PRIVACY: While we are interested in capturing these signs we must be aware of privacy concerns. If possible avoid capturing house numbers and always respect the wishes of the homeowner if they say they don’t want you taking pictures of their property.


VARIETY: Our project collects all kinds of ephemeral material generated during lockdown. We aim to collect all kinds of ephemeral material generated in the midst of the pandemic. So far we have found material in windows, on the floor of alleys, in bus-stops, and even on animals! 


LOCATION: We ask you to submit a general location for your images, (The Street Name or Town Name etc). This level of specificity prevents submissions directly identifying a building while allowing us to catalogue by location. Don’t provide house numbers or anything which risks identifying an individual.