Reassessing Architectural Practice in Contemporary (Post -1991) India

This video presents in brief my dissertation research done as part of the MA History of Design programme, run jointly by The Royal College of Art and Victoria & Albert Museum. Titled, ‘Reassessing architectural practice in contemporary India: Case of Mumbai-based SJK Architects’, it is a first-of-its kind research to explore a method to bring forth the aspect of collaboration in mainstream architectural practice in contemporary India. Factors which influence practice, such as geographical location, nature of commissioning clients, among others, are profiled and serve as a device to understand SJK Architects. These factors are then contextualised within the practice’s response to gender and development of architect-client relations. This study is an attempt to move away from the usual approach of the monograph, and to profile contemporary architectural practice so as to situate it within the societal landscape it occurs in.

Here are the links to the interview I did with the design directors of SJK Architects.

Part 1: Overview of SJK Architects and initiating client brief development

Part 2: Collaboration with Sunita Namjoshi

Part 3: Collaborations with contractors and users of the building

Part 4: Further insights on collaboration with Sunita Namjoshi

Part 5: Hotels at Tirupati and Bodhgaya and conclusion