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Knowledge Exchanges

The acts of teaching, performance, craft, digital experience, are all interactions which involve a transfer and creation of knowledge between different groups of people. This panel brings together people from different specialisms to discuss how this transfer of knowledge occurs and what it means for our designed world.

Toni Rutherford's work studies armature, casting and sculpture practitioners, and how different types of knowledge exchanges happened across Europe in the 19th century. She looks at verbal exchange of design knowledge, how to track it, and also how practical vs. academic knowledge exchange can be examined.

Fleur Elkerton's postgraduate research broadly focuses on replication, reproduction and knowledge exchange of medieval design - in both modern and medieval contexts. Her dissertation examines medieval automata as highly technical objects, whilst exploring collaborative design practice in a world where the concept of ‘design’ didn’t yet exist.

Tomas Brown’s research explores practices of repair in early modern culture. His work examines epistemic networks and interactions between different bodies of specialisms.

Yarden Levy examines how designers are designed through gender ideals in fashion schools. She questions unspoken systemic norms, and how to rewrite the assumptions of the successful designer/artist.

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