"Missing" Perspectives

At a time when diversity and inclusivity have become buzzwords embraced by corporations to institutions to entrepreneurs, we still find several perspectives missing from many narratives. Join our graduating students in a live panel discussion, as they highlight some of these perspectives by focussing on gender and design practice, pop culture and music memorabilia, and the question of “value” in the culture sector. They also question what is missing from the seemingly all-inclusive term, global.

Deepika Srivastava researches how contemporary architectural practice in India can be studied through the lens of its day-to-day operations and the aspect of collaboration inherent in design production. She is a storyteller at heart, and for her, design history is a lens to understand the world, one design at a time.

Eve MacNeill's work explores popular culture and its place, or sometimes lack of place, within museums and archives. Her research has particularly focused on pop music and its related ephemera, and her dissertation considered how fan communities can be engaged and represented in museum projects related to pop music

Yarden Levy examines how designers are designed through gender ideals in fashion schools. She questions unspoken systemic norms, and how to rewrite the assumptions of the successful designer/artist.

Toni Rutherford's work studies armature, casting and sculpture practitioners, and how different types of knowledge exchanges happened across Europe in the 19th century. She looks at verbal exchange of design knowledge, how to track it, and also how practical vs. academic knowledge exchange can be examined.