Material History / Virtual World

Welcome to Material History / Virtual World, the 2021 graduation show of the V&A/RCA History of Design MA programme. Here you can explore the research of this year's graduating cohort through an online symposium, publication and show. 


Rooted in the physical spaces and events we normally occupy, this website offers a chance for students to share their research projects undertaken over the last 18 months.




Yarden Levy
ZeYi Lai
Alyssa  Myers
Xiaoyu Chen
Fleur Elkerton
Felix Rolt
Shawkay Ottmann
Toni Rutherford
Krystyna Spark
Xingyuan Han
Freya  Purcell
Eve MacNeill
Jordan Mitchell-King


Abigail  Barthee
Emma O'Regan-Reidy
Dorotea Petrucci
Claire Wimbush
Anna Talley
Ling Cai
Deepika Srivastava
Genevieve Drinkwater
Maximilian Glatzhofer
Tomas Brown




The acts of teaching, performance, craft, digital experience, are all interactions which involve a transfer and creation of knowledge between different groups of people. Here, get to know how knowledge exchanges happen among craftspeople, dressmakers, diverse collaborators involved in the creating designed artifacts, among many others.  




How are different ideas of design and material culture communicated to the wider world? Here, get a glimpse of how different media such as print, digital technologies, photography, and social media websites, shape the lives of designers, consumers, museum visitors, and ordinary people living through war.




Inclusivity and diversity are the buzzwords of today, but really how inclusive are our historical narratives? Visit this section to find little-known stories of women collectors in 18th century Europe, North America, and South America, objects created by prisoners in Soviet Gulag, and so many others.



Physical spaces have several dimensions. They run through the domestic, urban, private, public, and are where lives are lived, and ideas and objects are produced and consumed. Get a glimpse into how different spaces intersect and interact to shape the lives of their inhabitants, across geographical boundaries and time.

Material History /Virtual World

The V&A/RCA History of Design MA is offered jointly by the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Royal College of Art. It encourages interdisciplinary, innovative and critical approaches to the history of design across a range of mediums, places and times. Students work closely with the collections and curators at the V&A, as well as participating in the creative community at the RCA.